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They are the pillars of a corrupt unconscious belief system that sabotages success, and because of them bank accounts dwindle, self-esteem suffers, relationships fail, health falters and inner peace is always out of reach. These seven beliefs are the driving force behind everything we do to unknowingly undermine our own desires. When you understand which of the seven beliefs are operating in your own life, you will see how they have affected your past and will control your future –
if you let them.
With UnderMind’s groundbreaking methods for revelation and reprogramming, self-sabotaging beliefs that have existed for decades can be dissolved in only hours. Financial abundance, self love, meaningful relationships, health, fulfillment and more are possible when you take control of your subconscious, and stop living UnderMind.
What leading experts are saying about this exciting new book.
“This exceptional book will help you break the patterns of failure and self sabotage and achieve the seemingly impossible.”
- Millionaire Maker Loral Langemeier – Five-time bestselling author, speaker and coach
“The study of Neuroplasticity has proven that the brain can change. Old negative programming can be replaced with new positive strategies. Tanya and Joanna turn complex theories into simple principles and make healing accessible to everyone.”
- Melody Beattie, Author of the International Bestselling book Codependent No More, Language of Letting Go... and 16 others
“Filled with inspiring real life stories, this invaluable user’s guide to your mind will unlock secrets to success in every area of your life. Tanya and Joanna are examples of how this really works, and will lead you through the process."
- Ellen Campbell - C.E.O, President and Founder CCAA (Canadian Center for Abuse Awareness)
"As a Clinical Psychologist having personally experienced PRNT therapy, this approach is a powerful therapeutic modality that offers the psychological community a simplistic yet very effective method to help individuals resolve their unconscious dysfunctional core beliefs. I believe the wisdom from these passionate teachers will be the turning point in your life."
- Dr. Sharleen McDowall, Psy. D., C. Psych.
"In UnderMind, you will find that the authors, Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros, not only illustrate the paramount importance in understanding your every little piece of mind chatter, but by using a simple, yet elegant assessment system, together with an innovative intervention plan, they assist you in understanding and realizing you from the inside out."
- Master of the Mind, Eldon Taylor Ph.D. - International Best Selling Author and founder of Inner Talk

UnderMind uncovers the blueprint of self-sabotage and gives the people the
key to reprogramming their mind and unlocking their limitless potential.
Tanya & Joanna talk about UnderMind
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Meet Tanya and Joanna

Joanna Andros

Joanna is a passionate teacher, therapist, and life and emotional healing coach who brings her vast knowledge and experience to assist others in overcoming obstacles and achieving success in every aspect of life. Joanna has developed a proven therapy process called Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy to uncover and eliminate the negative subconscious beliefs that hold people back from achieving their goals – measurable results are guaranteed from the very first session.

Unlike other methods that only create awareness, Joanna’s transformational process is grounded in proven strategies that work. Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy™ (PNRT) is a healing process which quickly targets, with laser precision, the belief systems that may be in the way of achieving a dream, goal or peace of mind. PNRT is also used to overcome negative inner chatter, phobias, OCD, heal deep resentment or trauma and create lasting freedom from the negative emotions that drain our energy and hold us back.

As a kidney transplant survivor, Joanna understands how the mind can be led to both create an illness and heal the body. Having overcome her own emotional issues and blocks in every area of her life drives her passion and commitment to providing people with techniques that offer faster, proven results to help free them from their suffering, whether emotional, physical or financial.

A successful entrepreneur with 20 years of business experience, Joanna works in partnership with Tanya Chernova. As co-founder of Courageous Living she leads people through profound personal development programs and brings dynamic, effective, life-changing empowerment coaching and principles to individuals, groups, companies, and corporations. She is a regular contributor to magazines and a sought after guest on radio and television. As the creator of PNRT and co-founder of the PNRT certification program for therapists, Joanna has become a master educator in the realm of neuroscience and the ability to change the brain with neural-programming.

Tanya Chernova

On December 4th 2013, Tanya was awarded Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada as a trendsetter and trailblazer for her proven track record for transforming companies and people with the mindset, skill set and systems to succeed. Click here to see Top 100.

Tanya is an international entrepreneur, speaker, best-selling author, and coach who has devoted her life to bringing out the best in others. She has presented to hundreds of thousands of people in over 30 countries and speaks English, French and Russian.

Tanya began her remarkable career as a skin specialist. After achieving an honors degree in business and psychology she moved to France to join an international manufacturer of cosmetics to grow their worldwide distribution. Tanya wrote 3 industry books pioneering the link between emotional intelligence and stress recovery, the immune system and lifestyle therapy. She also created a winning formula to turn sales teams into consultative business representatives and transformed the relationship between distributors and salons to be partners in profit. In 2001, Tanya was acclaimed as one of the top 10 speakers in Europe.

Upon her return to North America Tanya founded Time Reverse Inc., a manufacturer and distributor of a non-surgical facelift and anti-aging cosmetics. She formulated a winning product line and branding strategy to bring in over $1 million in sales in the first year.

While in this role, Tanya was a live presenter on more than 50 prime-time, sold-out shows on shopping channels in the US, Canada, Australia, UK and Russia. Having established a client base for her skin care, she placed it on a savvy online selling system and turned to feed her passion for corporate success. Inspiring corporations to achieve greater profits led her to SkillPath seminars, where she toured North America, delivering over 600 seminars on 20 different topics in the areas of leadership, management and improved communication. She was a top rated speaker 2 years in a row.

In 2006, Tanya met and partnered with Joanna Andros to bring dynamic, effective, empowerment coaching to individuals, groups, companies, and corporations. She is the co-founder of Courageous Living; a company committed to providing experiential education, tools and resources for a life of unyielding passion, purpose and boundless creativity. She is a regular contributor to magazines and a sought after guest on radio and television. More than a dynamic leader, top producing sales executive and highly successful product innovator, Tanya is a master at emotional intelligence, communication and vitality. She is a people motivator with a reputation for consistently delivering cutting edge principles in down-to-earth content with a sense of urgency and – most important – a focus on bottom line results.

On December 4th she was awarded Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada as a trendsetter and trailblazer for her proven track record for transforming companies and people with the mindset, skill set and systems to succeed.Click here to see Top 100.

These women are ground breaking. They fearlessly navigate through new territory and lead by example. Their determination, innovation, and ambitious spirits define them. In any situation, their leadership and intuition are unparalleled. They are true pioneers.

Together, in this unparalleled partnership, Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova are working to help people around the world go beyond personal growth to achieve personal freedom.

Achieve Permanent Change. Experience Personal Freedom.

Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy
Evolve Into a New Paradigm of Therapy. Achieve Permanent Change.

What is pnrt...

Developed in 2002 by Joanna Andros and formalized as a professional certification program with Tanya Chernova in 2009, PNRT is a therapeutic process that works on reprogramming the subconscious mind to resolve limiting beliefs and blocks at their neuronal source. This healing process disengages the emotional triggers that lead to self-sabotage to allow people to achieve their goals more effortlessly.

Most other therapy and coaching methods only create awareness or an understanding of why an individual may behave in an undesired way and produce negative results, such as self-sabotage, anxiety attacks, fear, etc., while leaving that individual to implement new strategies and behaviors and struggle on their own. PNRT not only creates this awareness and identifies limiting core beliefs; it also takes that crucial step further and facilitates profound and permanent change in behavior and in life. This therapy removes blocks and barriers to free individuals from prisons of limitation so they can reach their full potential, achieve their goals and live a fulfilled and joyful life with ease.

PNRT is 1 on 1 therapy with a certified practitioner. The Certification program is available for psychotherapists, psychologists, speech pathologist, addictions counsellors and other emotional healing modalities It is internationally recognized and approved for continuing education credits.

The Way to Permanently Overcome Self-Sabotage

A Revolutionary Therapy to Overcome Self-Sabotage
Empowering Women. Changing Lives.

Women are the natural nurturers of our world. They are inherently programmed to prioritise the needs of others before themselves. Over time, they lose connection to themselves and their dreams - and when they give from an empty place - they get resentful, depleted and the whole world suffers.

In 2006, Joanna Andros and Tanya Chernova united their passion for women`s empowerment and launched Courageous Living. They know that when women are fulfilled and empowered, they have the strength, energy and vision to empower their communities and change the world.

Courageous Living is a global organization that inspires, empowers and educates women to reconnect to themselves, their purpose and their dreams. They teach women to set healthy boundaries and create a balanced relationship between giving and receiving. Women learn to navigate through life`s transitions and powerfully create more joyful, successful and fulfilling lives.

Any woman can enrich every area of her life and most importantly learn to love herself and embrace her self-worth with the tools, resources, love and support she needs at Courageous Living. Our unique transformational workshops, group coaching, 1 on 1 therapy and inspirational events help women stop the vicious cycle of doing, doing, done! …and write the next chapters of their lives.

A unique approach to women`s empowerment a women will…
  • Re-ignite her passion for life
  • Connect to her purpose, clarify her life goals and vision for success
  • Awaken the inner strength and self-esteem to reach for her dreams
  • Learn to set healthy boundaries and give and receive without guilt or resentment.
  • Create an action plan for positive change and success
  • Get the structured support for personal and business growth
  • Gain the courage to overcome her obstacles and create a life she loves.
  • She will make new best friends in a community of loving, positive and supportive courageous women
Wherever someone may be in life, whatever their goals and dreams, Courageous Living will connect them with a powerful network of like minded people to help them succeed.

Our Services
Courageous Living provides experiential education, tools and resources to help people recover or discover their own unyielding passion, purpose and boundless creativity. We lead people to produce extraordinary results in in every area of their lives and the lives of the people around them with our unique approach to personal growth and development.

Ignite a passion for life through our personal services:

Experience an event unlike any other! Recharge and reconnect to what is important in your life… YOU!
Gain insight, strength and inspiring information – learn, laugh, share with other women just like you.

Mentors Circle – Set Goals and Achieve them!
Write the next chapter of your life. A life-changing 6 month program to help women create a clear vision for success and the action plan to live her dreams in a supportive and structured growth environment.

Keynotes and Workshops – See Women`s Topics in the Speaking section of this Media Kit

“They have such a unique and loving way of reaching into a woman’s heart and lifting her soul. They create a safe environment for women to open up, be vulnerable, laugh, cry and share their fears and dreams. They are amazing teachers and inspiring examples. Women gravitate towards them and simply blossom in the nurturing yet empowering environment they create."
– Tonia Cianculli CEO, Wish Opera.

Choose from the powerful “Courage to Believe” or “Investing in You Series” of practical and indispensable transformational workshops. Or create a tailored workshop for your women’s group.

Inspirational Speaking Services
Invite us to speak to your organization. We provide relevant and effective content in an exciting, engaging and experiential presentation to uplift your audience and give them the courage to succeed!

Business Coaching & PNRT Therapy
People get the motivation, healing and guidance they need to rid themselves of negative inner chatter to improve their life with our one-on-one, PNRT therapy or personal and business success coaching. Learn more about the Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy (PNRT) to get rid of the inner chatter and achieve faster results.

Why you need to book Tanya and Joanna for your next speaking event
Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros are powerful and charismatic professional speakers, coaches, therapists, and best-selling authors who have inspired countless individuals around the world.

Their success as international entrepreneurs and industry executives, combined with their vast expertise in the psychology of human behavior and the realm of neuroscience, make Chernova and Andros uniquely suited to help organizations achieve breakthroughs in any work environment. Experience a fresh approach to creating change and accelerating success.

Corporate Speaking
Their success as international entrepreneurs and industry executives, combined with their vast expertise in the psychology of human behavior and the realm of neuroscience, make Chernova and Andros uniquely suited to help organizations achieve breakthroughs in any work environment. Experience a fresh approach to creating change and accelerating success.

Their game-changing presentations include:
  • The Neuroscience of Successful Selling
  • Leadership to Thrive in the New Economy
  • The #1 Formula for Goal Setting that Gets Results
  • The Neuroscience of Preeminent Customer Service
  • Managing Conflict and Modifying Unacceptable Employee Behavior
  • Is Your Team Programmed for Success or Sabotage?
  • Are you Living UnderMind? The 7 Subconscious Beliefs that Sabatoge Your Life and How to Overcome Them
Women's Events
In addition to the valuable and energizing insights they bring to any business environment, Chernova and Andros are also passionate about empowering women.

As leaders of the women’s empowerment company Courageous Living and master educators in the area of personal growth and development, they provide the information, tools, and resources to help women recharge and reconnect to themselves and their dreams. They lead powerful, engaging, and entertaining events to help women do the healing heart work, get the results they want, and write the next fulfilling and joyful chapters of their lives.

They set themselves apart by empowering women with the right mindset for unlimited success. Their renowned presentations for women include the Investing in You™ Series, which helps women increase their net worth by increasing their self-worth. Women will gain tremendous insight and the power to make concrete changes in their lives by exploring such topics as:
  • Discover Your Passion – Connect to your purpose and live a fulfilled life.
  • Money and Security – Uncover your attitude and beliefs about creating abundance and feeling safe.
  • Relationship with Yourself and Your Dreams – Increase your self-worth to create abundance in every area of your life.
  • Success, Failure and Sabotage – How you achieve and why you sabotage.
  • Hormone Health and the Ageless Body – Nurture yourself to a youthful and healthy body inside and out.
  • Creating Love that Lasts – Managing healthy commitment and getting the love you want in the age of independence.
These and many other topics help women set healthy boundaries to prevent overwhelm and bounce back from burnout. Tailored workshops are always available.

Empowering People
Moreover, Chernova and Andros have a proven history of life-changing breakthroughs with groups of all backgrounds, with their powerhouse presentations from their #1 best-selling book: UnderMind: Discover the 7 Subconscious Beliefs that Sabotage your Life and How to Overcome Them.

Whatever your organization or event, Chernova and Andros will reveal and transform limiting beliefs and inspire, energize, and empower your attendees. They are available for unforgettable “Power Hour” sessions or for unique Half and Full Day events that will reap extraordinarily positive change in both individual mindsets and teams.

To super-charge your next event click here

What people are saying about Tanya & Joanna
“I cherish your words of inspiration and thank you for these words of wisdom. Sometimes what is right in front of us feels so out of reach, but overcoming that bridge and crossing it is truly what makes us stronger and almost invincible!”
~ Marisa Ferara, Business Development Consultant L’Oreal

“I wanted to share a breakthrough that I had after your seminar. My client had another unreasonable request which I didn’t know how to handle. In normal circumstances I would have bent myself out of shape to please her but your words “set your boundaries”; “nobody can make you do things that you don’t want to do” kept ringing in my head. Gearing up my courage I just spoke to the client and said her request wasn’t possible and she was OK with it...I said NO!! Yaahooo...I feel liberated, I finally broke the pleasing pattern and feel like my new life begins today!"
~ Naveed Hyder, CEO The Art of Living

“Articulate, engaging and empowering, you helped me go beyond excellence and discover my true greatness. You have the rare ability to help people access the power within themselves in order to dramatically impact their lives and the lives of others. You build confidence and help people expand as individuals – courageous living shows you how anything is possible!”
~ Theresa Dugwell - Guinness Book of World Record holder and founder of World Record Within

"You kept the energy in the room high and ended the day with a wonderful workshop that left all of us glowing from the participation."
~ Catherine Maxwell, CEO Maxmedia Design Group

“Thank you for an inspirational, uplifting seminar. We are all extremely motivated to utilize the techniques that we learnt! Your passion and positivity is so contagious.”
~ Debora Bengtson, Professional Organizer

"I feel I didn’t thank you enough for yesterday. There was a lot of enthusiasm and energy in the room. So well done! You’re simply great on your feet. I can’t say enough." ~ Paul Williams, Vice President, Rogers Publishing
“I was so inspired by your presentation to us at Dermalogica. Thank you so much for all the effort and enthusiasm you put into our program that was so specific to our needs. I use to market and sell speakers and I know how much time and effort that takes so you're not just presenting a "cookie-cutter" program but something meaningful and customized. I am looking forward to the magnificent sales and new accounts I am going to "land"."
~ Toni Macmillan Lee – Director of Sales, Dermalogica

“I think I was destined to be in your seminar! You had said something during the evening that really struck me....I must have needed to hear it! I am very impressed that you have chosen to help the Red Door Shelter. I am no stranger to challenging situations.....my son (two at the time) and I traveled across Canada staying at women's shelters until we reached the ocean and could go no further. I realize that life has many lessons to learn and until we learn them we cannot move on. I believe you are one of most special teachers that I have met and am grateful to be inspired by you.”
~ Lydia Nauta, National Women’s Show Attendee

"I am writing to thank you for your inspiring keynote presentation at our POC Conference in Toronto. And the finale!! When you had everyone on their feet clapping and dancing – was a perfect ending. Thank you both … you’re just what I needed. All the best."
~ Debora Bengtson, Professional Organizer

"The two of you are shining examples of how public speaking and teaching should be presented. Your topics and content were clear, simple to understand, applicable & relevant. It was easy for me to relate to you and your examples. Terrific job!!! I am completely inspired and can’t wait to attend the next one and promote your events to my community!"
~ Roseanne Cheropita, CEO Young Headz

"Thank you again for all of your positive energy and moving everyone out of their comfort zone today. It was all positive feedback!"
~ Donna Kerry, Publisher, Advisor Group, Rogers

"You kept the energy in the room high and ended the day with a wonderful workshop that left all of us glowing from the participation."
~ Catherine Maxwell, Maxmedia Design Grou
What people are saying about UnderMind.

Dear Joanna/Tanya,

I have been reading your Undermind book, it's fantastic! This is just the solution I have been searching for, I am so grateful to you both for your hard work and dedication in devising a therapy that addresses this issue. Looking forward to hearing from you and THANK YOU for bringing this book into the world against your procrastinator part! Lol."
~ Amy

"Hi! I am 3 quarters of the way through your book undermind and I am blown away. I read so many self help books that leave you hopeful but don't really change you. This one has clearly showed me that I have negative core beliefs that hold me back from true happiness success and fulfillment. My dream is to be a Grammy award winning artist. I have had a lot of success in Canadian radio under the name Eric Solomon. I now live in LA and am really going for it and wanna make sure I am equipped with all the tools I need to manifest effortlessly. I would love if we could have some sessions but how would we do this while I\'m here? Looking forward to hearing from you and THANK YOU for bringing this book into the world against your procrastinator part! Lol."
~ Eric

"This book helps you to do the work on yourself to change things that are holding you back from success in whatever areas you need."
~ MB

"Our inner mind chatter can be impossible to quiet down yet this book makes it incredibly simple to understand why it exists and what we must do to break through. I have seen and heard first-hand the unbelievable feats and accomplishments that Tanya and Joanna's clients have experienced and it has been nothing short of amazing. Now people everywhere will have the chance to experience the lessons in UnderMind, thank you Tanya & Joanna."
~ Lisa McKenzie

"I'd like to preface that I love reading books on the subconscious mind so after reading the reviews, I was eager to read UnderMind. This book is beautifully and intelligently written. It has become one of my favorite books on this subject. There are no fillers and you will find yourself engrossed. This isn't a book to be read once. You will want to read it again to re-absorb it.

We may think that we are consciously in charge of our lives, but truth is, it is the subconscious mind that rules dominion over our lives. 95-99% of our daily functions are performed by the subconscious mind, while only a mere 1-5% is performed by the conscious mind. Driving a car, riding a bike, swimming, walking, are all performed on auto pilot. So it begs the question: do we have unsupportive, faulty programs filed deep in our subconscious mind that sabotages and doesn't serve in the betterment of a good life? Do you think all marriages fail? Do you think that good people finish last? Do you think ALL men/women are untrustworthy? Do you think losing/gaining weight is hard?

Tanya and Joanna help you in pinpointing your unsupportive programs and delete/update them.

I learned a few things that I haven't known before. Tanya and Joanna dedicated a chapter to The Human Brain which I found to be very fascinating. The fact that in addition to a pregnant woman providing nourishment to a fetus, she transfers her thoughts in the form of information molecules. This piece of information was completely new to me and I was very intrigued by this chapter.

The authors say: "while you are reading this, are you wondering what thoughts you inherited from your mother or father." True, I couldn't help but wonder what thoughts was downloaded into my fetal brain.

There is a mirror technique which is employed by many experts. You stare at yourself in a mirror and say loving, kind affirmations to yourself. For many people, this is hard. Many people feel like a phony or fake upon uttering I love you to themselves. When I first performed this mirror technique, I felt insincere. The authors say that unless you have a prior record of self-love in your subconscious mind, your affirmation will feel untruthful and fake.

The subconscious mind loves repetition and familiarity and resists change. So if you have been reinforcing your mind with negative statements such as: "I am stupid," "I am unlovable," "I am not good enough," then that's what your subconscious mind believes it to be the "absolute truth" and will try to PROVE itself right. How often have you joined a gym only to stop going? How often have you dieted only to regain the pounds? How often have you made new year's resolutions only to break them? How often have you vowed to quit smoking only to light up again? How often have you found yourself dating the same type of guy/girl? How often have you been inspired by an idea, a project, only to stop pursuing it?

Studies in neuroplasticity proves that the brain isn't immutable and can indeed change. In the subsequent chapters, the authors give you the tools to rewire and update your subconscious mind's or UnderMind's limiting beliefs. Their technique differs from other books I've read. While they do endorse affirmations, they guide the reader through a series of core-probing questions. I believe even a skeptic will be convinced by the overall message of this book.

I highly recommend UnderMind! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did! It will transform your mindset and your life. You will feel like you've been given a new lease on life!"
~ Lady Amalthea

UnderMind Press Release

Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros Aim to Help Readers Overcome Self-Sabotage, Achieve Success, and find Joy with UNDERMIND, from Indigo River Publishing

In their #1 best-selling new book, UNDERMIND, from Indigo River Publishing, Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros reveal that there are 7 subconscious beliefs that lead to self-sabotage, and that these beliefs block success in every aspect of life, from careers to relationships to health to personal peace of mind. For readers dissatisfied with their lives—or simply stuck in a rut—the authors seek to provide a new sense of clarity, hope, direction—and revelation.

Chernova says, "Do you have that voice inside your head that says, ‘Why bother,’ ‘You can’t do it,’ or 'It's not going to work'? That voice is a sign that you are being sabotaged."

“You may not even be aware that you have this voice,” says Andros, “but you have one, and that is why you often feel that getting what you want is such a struggle.”

The book includes revealing personal surveys for the reader, along with proven methods for overcoming the layers of subconscious self-sabotage that may be discovered, according to Chernova. “(Readers) will learn the scientific truth behind why they fail, why they procrastinate, why they doubt themselves, and how to break free from the frustrating cycle of worry and anxiety,” she says.

The book is based on exhaustive research, and a key component to the breaking free Chernova speaks of is a Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy or PNRT, developed by Andros, which is a means of “reprogramming” negative and limiting beliefs of the subconscious mind. The therapy is finding support among psychologists.

According to clinical psychologist and ardent advocate Dr. Sharleen McDowall, “This approach is a very effective method to help individuals resolve their unconscious dysfunctional core beliefs. I believe the wisdom from these passionate teachers will be the turning point in (the lives of readers).”

Whether those readers simply want to break out of well-worn ruts or make deeper and more significant life-changes, Chernova and Andros firmly believe that UNDERMIND will help to unblock the path to success.

For more information about UNDERMIND, visit indigoriverpublishing.com.

For the Press/Interview questions that will inspire your audience

1. What inspired you to write UnderMind and how do the principles apply to your own life journey?

2. Why are people struggling – more than ever – to achieve the results they want? With all of the tools, products and services out there, why are people still suffering or failing to reach their goals?

3. Why are people compelled to do bad or destructive things and sabotage their lives or hurt others despite their good intentions?

4. It’s hard to watch ourselves and our loved ones make bad choices. When we know a situation is not good for us, why are we compelled to go back to what is hurting us rather than break free and make better choices?

5. You introduce a new definition of success that is measured by our JPM or joy per minute. What does this mean and how do we increase our joy?

6. How will reading UnderMind help people change their lives – in every aspect?

7. Abuse, addiction and other negative patterns seem to pass down from parent to child. How will reading UnderMind stop this vicious cycle?

8. How can a failing entrepreneur turn their business around using UnderMind? (This question can be applied to love relationships, health and other core areas.)

9. You say that self-sabotage is not one act but a process; can you tell us more about the Blue Print of Self- Sabotage™ and how it works?

10. Tell us about the 7 Subconscious beliefs and how can they sabotage our lives?

11. Are you saying that there is a way to stop the judgement and incessant inner chatter in our mind? If so, how?

12. What is PNRT (Progressive Neural Resolution Therapy) and how does it help? Why is it different from other therapies out there?

13. What results have you seen in your therapy sessions? And can this help anyone at any stage or age?

14. In your book you discuss the fact that self sabotage is below our awareness - how can people know they are experiencing self sabotage?

15. If everyone read this book and got your message, how would it change the world?

Book Information
TITLE: UnderMind
AUTHOR: Tanya Chernova & Joanna Andros
PUBLISHER: Indigo River Publishing
RELEASE DATE: June 13th, 2012
ISBN:978-0 9856033-8-0
PAGES: 277
Press Contact
Tanya Chernova and Joanna Andros
416.737.1166 and 416.251.2050

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Tanya & Joanna are regular contributors to Eligible Magazine. Take a look at the articles they have written below.

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Courage is not the absence of fear but the decision that something is more important than fear.
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