Frequently Asked Questions

What types of books do you publish?

We publish across all genres and are actively acquiring fiction books (thriller, mystery, adventure, romance, science fiction, dystopian fiction, women’s fiction, contemporary, literary and other), non-fiction books (self help, business, cookbooks, wellness, lifestyle, fashion, history, and other), as well as children’s books. We encourage you to reach out to see if your book is a fit for our publishing goals.

What kind of authors are you looking for?

We work with authors across all genres and have proudly published books from internationally recognized executives and celebrities as well as debut authors. We pride ourselves on identifying and shepherding new voices and rising talent while leading the evolution of the publishing industry’s business model.


What are Indigo's Manuscript Submission Guidelines?

Submit your query on our submission page. 
While we do not require a manuscript PDF to submit a query, in order to consider an author for publication, we will request all materials prior to moving forward in our acquisitions process. We kindly request that all materials are submitted via Word or PDF format. 


What are some of the qualifications to be considered an Indigo Author?

When considering a project for publication, we consider a number of variables, including, but not limited to:
  • Content
  • Author’s writing style and ability
  • Marketing potential
  • (Most Importantly!) The author’s predisposition towards collaboration
Working with us is a collaborative effort, including during the acquisitions process as soon as you press ‘submit’ on our Submissions page. Check out Our Process page for more information on how we work with our authors as a Hybrid Publisher, where you are the financial contributor to your project. 

Do I need an agent?

You do not need an agent to work with Indigo River publishing; however, we happily work with agents all the time.

What kind of services do you provide?

We are a full service independent publishing company and provide expert publishing services in the area of editorial, book design, book production and book distribution. We also offer our authors marketing guidance and each author is paired with an author liaison. 

When publishing through Indigo, our authors receive:
    • Expert multi-level editorial support
    • Professional Design 
    • Production support
    • Higher royalties on the sale of your book
    • Plus, we are proudly distributed through Simon & Schuster

Where do you distribute your books?

We are proudly distributed by Simon & Schuster distribution services and by Ingram/Lightning Source. These partnerships have helped Indigo soar to new heights by expanding our distribution to over 38,000 retailers nationally and internationally. Through these partnerships, our books are available at leading online retailers including Amazon, Apple, Kobo, B& and presented to book buyers across the country at independent bookstores, airport stores, and mid-level chains, such as Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, as well as retailers, such as Target and Costco. While not every book ends up on bookshelves of each of our retail partners, many do. We have the channels and relationships in place to maximize each title’s distribution opportunities.


What's the difference between a query letter, a book submission and a book proposal?

Great question! Query letters are often sent from an author to an agent in hopes of representation. A book submission is when you submit a book to a publisher for consideration. That submission often includes a proposal for non-fiction titles (book overview, chapter outline, marketing potential and about the author) or a full manuscript for fiction titles. Still confused? Feel free to reach out so we can talk about your book!


Should I copyright my manuscript before submitting it to you?

There’s no need as we’ll do that on  your behalf as part of our publishing process. Working with Indigo River Publishing means you retain the intellectual property rights associated with your book, including any modifications, additions, images, and designs created by us.

Can I submit a book that was previously self published?

Absolutely. However, we’ll likely want to work with you to make sure the book is fresh before republishing. That might include an editorial update, perhaps a new cover and sometimes even a new title. 

I still have more questions?

Great! Schedule a discovery call with our team to learn even more. Click HERE to schedule a call.