Submission Guidelines

Submitting Your Book to Indigo River Publishing

Indigo River Publishing is a Modern, Hybrid publisher. This means that when we decide to publish a book, we partner financially with the author and in return, offer expertise where it’s important and partnership in decision-making where it’s meaningful. Our authors receive expert multi-level editorial, design, and production support, and we are proudly distributed through Simon & Schuster. Ready to get started?

Currently accepting new manuscripts.

How to Submit Your Book

We are interested in books that will stand out in their subject area and spark a love of reading. Indigo River Publishing accepts both agented and unagented projects. We are currently open to submissions across all genres and categories.

Due to submission volume, Indigo River Publishing is highly selective about the projects we choose to publish and strive to work with projects that support our mission. The selective nature of our partnerships ensures that each of our authors are given the proper time, devotion, and attention to create a high quality and sustainable book.

When considering a project for publication, we consider a number of variables, including: content, the author’s writing style and ability, marketing potential, and most importantly, the author.

Working with us is a collaborative effort, including the acquisitions process as soon as you press ‘submit’ below. Check out our process page for more information on how we work with our authors as a Hybrid Publisher, where you are the financial contributor to your project.