Acquisitions Process

What we consider when evaluating a project:


Step 1: Submit Your Manuscript

All submissions are reviewed. If the acquisitions manager thinks your project could potentially be a fit for Indigo River, we’ll schedule a meeting to learn more about you (the author!) and your project.

Step 2: Meet the Author

A 15-minute phone call with an acquisitions manager to learn more about you as the author and your vision for your project.

Once a secondary, more in-depth review is completed and the acquisitions team feels your manuscript is a good fit for Indigo River, it will be given to the Acquisitions Director for final approval. If approved, the author will meet with the Acquisitions Director on another call to learn more about our processes and your goals/vision.

Step 3: Get Approved

If the Acquisitions Director feels your project is a fit for Indigo River, it will be presented at the next available Partners Meeting, at which time the team will determine which projects to offer publication.

If the team decides to offer an author publication on their project, the author will receive a proposal and meet with the Acquisitions Director to sign their contract.


We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors. If you are ready to publish, please read our submissions guidelines. All genres are considered.