Romeo Runs to Eat a Rainbow



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About The Book

One day, Romeo sees a beautiful rainbow and decides to run and chase it, imagining the taste of each and every color. As he runs, Romeo discovers fruits and vegetables of all colors that he has never seen before From pumpkins and bananas to blueberries and eggplants, Romeo runs along, eating this new, tasty rainbow as he plays. Children learn through Romeo’s discoveries that these colorful foods, like red strawberries, are good for their hearts, while other fruits and veggies can make their hair shiny and soft or give them energy, so they can run and play. When Romeo has tasted every color and his belly is full of yummy and healthy food, he runs home to dream- of rainbows and fruits, and other happy things.

About The Author

Kimberly Jackson was born in Spokane, Washington and was raised in locales across the country due to her father’s active military career. Today, Jackson lives with her two Labrador Retrievers, her pit bull, and her son in Jacksonville, Florida.

Product Details
Publisher: Indigo River Publishing
Publish Date: June 28, 2018
Pages: 46
8.5 X 0.12 X 8.5 inches | 0.29 pounds
Language: English
EAN/UPC: 9781948080330