7 Tips for Writing a Press Release to Market Your Book

Have you ever considered writing a press release to get the word out about your book?

Press releases distribute book news to media outlets such as newspapers, magazines, online publications, and broadcast media. They’re a convenient approach for broadly distributing announcements about your book release, book signings and other events, and to share background information about you and your topic. 

For the best impact, press releases must be carefully crafted. Here are a few tips for writing yours:

  1. Choose your media outlets carefully.
    Select distribution channels that align with your book subject matter and audience. If your book is a historic novel, for example, you might consider media outlets that cover literature, history, books reviews, and cultural news.

  2. Tailor press releases for each media outlet and its audience.
    If you read content from each media outlet to understand their audience, and ensure your copy speaks to that audience, your press release is more likely to be published. Don’t guess! Good homework shows.

  3. Highlight your book’s unique selling points.
    Focus on what sets your book apart from others covering the same subject matter.

  4. Include quotes from reviews.
    Doing so establishes credibility and provides insight into your book’s appeal.

  5. Use attention-grabbing headlines.
    Media outlets receive countless press releases each day. A strong headline is more likely to grab their attention.

  6. Get to the point.
    Your press release should be no longer than 500 words. Shorter is better. Think like a journalist and make every word count. Stick to short paragraphs with no more than three or four sentences.

  7. Include contact information.
    Make sure media outlets are able to contact you (or your publicist) if they want more information, or even to set up an interview.


In summary, to make the most of your press releases, make sure they are well-written, newsworthy, and sent to the right outlets.


(Originally Published Jan 23, 2023)

7 Tips for Writing a Press Release to Market Your Book