Indigo River Publishing’s 2023 Book Round-Up!

As we prepare to bid adieu to 2023, let’s look back at the engaging and insightful books that made their debut this year. Each book in this round-up is a testament to the diversity and creativity of our authors. This year brought personal and professional growth, captivating tales both imagined and grounded in history, insights into healthcare, and adventures that reached intergalactic heights. There is something here for every reader, so join us as we unwrap the awesomeness that is our 2023 catalog. Let’s dive into these literary treasures together!


This Isn’t Working! Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

By Catherine Altman Morgan

“[This Isn’t Working! ]…takes the lid off the difficult career questions we all face, and provides pointed advice for finding healthy, empowering work.” – Steve Woodruff, Author, Clarity Wins

The Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffling, and Quiet Quitting—the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic has left our workforce feeling less than “normal.” Author and career transition expert Catherine Altman Morgan explains why we shouldn’t be striving to get back to “normal,” because normal wasn’t all that great. Instead, we need to EVOLVE. Through insightful advice and practical strategies, she guides readers toward a more empowering and balanced work life, emphasizing the need to evolve rather than return to a flawed “normal.”


The Orinoco Uranium

By Stephen O. Sears

“…an exciting tale rife with intrigue, adventure, and mystery.” – Wayne Abrahamson (US Navy, retired). Author of Black Silver and Sergeant Dooley and the Submarine Raiders

Inspired by a series of true events and based on detailed research and personal knowledge of the history and geology of Venezuela, The Orinoco Uranium is a story of conflict and survival in WWII South America. Jerry MacDonald, an American geologist in neutral Venezuela, stumbles upon a cargo of smuggled uranium beached on the Orinoco River bank. As he navigates the intrigue and espionage surrounding the radioactive metal, a violent encounter ensues in the South Atlantic Ocean, highlighting the high stakes of this historical thriller.


Thy Father’s Glass

By Jeffray Harrison

Thy Father’s Glass intricately explores familial dynamics and the possibility of acceptance and forgiveness. Dane Schottmer grapples with the harsh memories of his distant and abusive father, Branson, whose descent into Alzheimer’s disease eliminates any chance of reconciliation. Forced to care for his ailing father after his mother’s death, Dane’s journey takes a supernatural turn as his ancestral home prompts a deeper understanding of his father, challenging Dane to confront the parallels between them.


L.A. Hustle: A Digger Sharma Mystery

By Billie Trager

“Intelligently written…an engaging and gripping plot…” – Zack Lynn, Author of Undead Reckoning.

Meet Digger Sharma, wisecracking half-Irish, half-Indian gumshoe. As he deftly patrols his usual beat in the City of Angels, Digger attempts to solve two seemingly innocuous, straightforward, and unrelated cases. But the deeper he dives, the more he realizes he’s not only in over his head but also swimming with the sharks. He must unravel the mystery to protect his client, a sultry Latina, and himself with their very lives on the line.


Sergeant Dooley and the Submarine Raiders: A Tom Dooley Adventure

By Wayne Abrahamson

“This novel really gives off Jack Reacher vibes…a creative historical fiction packed with action, interesting characters, and a story that develops well over the three acts.” – Daniel Haddock, Advanced Open-water Scuba Diver, MA in Historical Archaeology, Maritime Archaeologist.

In a bid to secure his passage home, Dooley takes a job on a former Russian submarine, embarking on a mysterious mission led by Major Dimitri Utkin. The diverse crew, including a dissatisfied U.S. Navy captain and a destitute Russian countess, brings unexpected complications as Dooley discovers the traumatic pasts of Utkin’s cadre. What begins as a one-week commitment transforms into a perilous life-or-death struggle in the depths of the Pacific Ocean as Dooley grapples with unforeseen challenges and the true intentions of those aboard the submarine.


The Aliens Step In, Defenders of Time Book 3

By Gene P. Abel

In the final installment of the Defenders of Time science fiction trilogy by Gene P. Able, The Aliens Step In, everything changes. Agent Lou Hessman and his team discover parts of their time travel facility are disappearing. The Chinese spies behind this event have successfully altered the past—and they are using means beyond current human technology that could prove disastrous for the time and space continuum.

With only a small window of opportunity before their time travel operation is completely erased, the U. S. team visits the past to try and erase the Chinese attack in the first place. The impacts of interfering with time go far beyond anything Agent Hessman and his intrepid team of time defenders could have imagined—worlds beyond, in fact.


Hospitable Healthcare: Just What the Patient Ordered!

By Stowe Shoemaker, Ph.D. and Peter Yesawich, Ph.D.

“We thought we knew what patients needed…” – Dr. James Merlino, Cleveland Clinic

The first of its kind, Hospitable Healthcare explores the gap between service experiences in healthcare and hospitality, prompting the question of how healthcare providers could improve by adopting principles from the hospitality industry.

Backed by original survey data, examples, and interviews with respected professionals, the book introduces a groundbreaking service model, PAEER (Prepare, Anticipate, Engage, Evaluate, Reward), offering valuable insights to enhance the patient experience. This innovative approach addresses key healthcare trends such as patient-directed selection, pricing transparency, direct-to-consumer marketing, and the increasing influence of patient satisfaction on reimbursement decisions.


Bumbling with the Arabs All the Way to the Bank

By Ben Koshkin

“…the book is fun, but it is more than fun. It’s a meditation on a collision of cultures, and it will make you think.” – Dr. Allen Matusow, Professor at Rice University

Author Ben Koshkin recounts the real-life adventures of himself and his business partner in the 1980s Houston real estate scene, where they unwittingly found themselves entangled with a Kuwaiti billionaire and befriended the undersecretary to the oil minister of Kuwait. With the undersecretary holding the key to Kuwait’s oil sales, the duo closed over $250 million in deals throughout the decade, offering a rare glimpse into a culture still not fully understood by the United States. The book captures extraordinary experiences and encounters that border on the unbelievable, leaving even Koshkin, who lived through them, sometimes in disbelief.


A Splendid Gift: Celebrating Sixty Years in Nursing

By Barbara Elle Prisceaux

“A forthright, poignant, and heartwarming account of a storied and beloved career in nursing.” – Kirkus Reviews

This memoir chronicles the remarkable journey of Barbara Elle Prisceaux, whose childhood dream of becoming a nurse led to an extraordinary six-decade career. Barbara met challenge after challenge head-on, from ever-changing technology to hospital politics. When she retired at the age of seventy-seven, she was working two 12-hour shifts each week, providing hands-on care to patients in a medical center eighty miles from her home.


Entrepreneurship for Leaders: 10 Success Keys To Elevate You To The Next Level

Edited by Deborah Froese
Contributed by Joel Clelland, Bobby Dunaway, Jason Duncan, Mark Hayes, Matthew Holland, Michael Markiewicz, Ellen Moran, Dan Vega, Jayshree Vakil, Dan Young

“The authors’ collective expertise provides a rich tapestry of insights, offering a comprehensive guide for leaders navigating the complex landscape of entrepreneurship.” – Readers’ Favorite

In this inaugural volume of the For Leaders Series by Indigo River Publishing, Entrepreneurship for Leaders presents insights from ten accomplished serial entrepreneurs on the journey of risk-taking and business building. From overcoming fear to making a global impact, the book offers valuable tools and perspectives for aspiring entrepreneurs. Covering topics like delegation, passion, leadership styles, and tax advantages, the contributors—with a wealth of experience—share practical advice to nurture success and create a stronger, more impactful presence in the entrepreneurial world.


As we close the chapter on another remarkable year, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our talented, accomplished authors for collaborating with us to bring their stories to life.

We invite you to explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the rich narratives and invaluable insights these books have to offer!

See you in 2024!

— The Indigo River Team

Indigo River Publishing’s 2023 Book Round-Up!