Let’s Take a Minute to Talk About Lupus

We would like to take a minute to talk about something very important that affects millions of lives – Lupus. A chronic autoimmune disease, Lupus affects at least 1.5 million Americans. There are 16,000 new cases per year, with this number only growing.

Diagnosing Lupus

Sadly, there are many who are undiagnosed. Diagnosing Lupus is difficult because the symptoms can be similar to many different kinds of diseases, meaning a careful review of the symptoms must be made over time. This process can take years, and if left untreated the consequences can be life threatening.

Lights. Camera. Lupus.

If you have Lupus, or know someone who has Lupus, check out Lights. Camera. Lupus. by Amanda Rupley. She is an amazing woman who not only has Lupus, but also helps those that are sick, as well as those who are not, to get empowered to learn and to teach others how to overcome the curveballs life throws. Check it out to learn more about who Amanda is and how this book could help you.

Let’s Take a Minute to Talk About Lupus