How To Get Your Book Published: Advice From A Publishing House

How to Get Your Book Published


Many people dream of becoming an author. Becoming a published author can be daunting, and as any professional writer will tell you, requires real work. Authors invest countless hours into developing a story. You conduct research, you create exciting and relatable characters, and you write, write and re-write. Past the point of your manuscript being infused with your tears and sweat, let’s hope not your blood, you find you’re ready for someone to read your work. Someone other than your mother.


Your work as a writer may be done, but in order to become a published author there is more work to do. Fear not, while becoming a published author does take work (we’d be lying if we said otherwise) it is possible. Read ahead for some tips from a real publishing house on how to get your book published.


Get Feedback On Your Manuscript

Getting feedback on your work is very important prior to sending it to an agent or publisher. Ask family and friends, and other people you trust for honest feedback. Constructive criticism helps you become a better writer and will result in a cleaner manuscript.


Finish Your Manuscript

Edit, edit, rewrite and edit again. When submitting to a publishing house you want to showcase your best work so make sure you thoroughly edit and proofread your manuscript and query letter.


Research What Market Your Book Is Appropriate For

Is your book a children’s story? What age-group is it appropriate for? Think very carefully about the target audience for your book and have that research done prior to submitting to a publishing house. When you do submit your manuscript, having some statistics and market research data included in your query letter shows the publishing house you have done your homework.


Know What The Publisher Wants

Make sure you are aware of the submission requirements for the publishing house before you submit your manuscript. Some book publishers welcome new authors and give them a platform to help get their books published, while other publishing houses only accept solicited works. Do you have a clear synopsis or summary of your book? Do you have a query letter with a sound bite of your book? Is your work in the correct format? Following the rules for submission shows the publishing house you are professional and serious about your work.


Even though publishers will aggressively market your book, the author-publisher relationship is a partnership. Publishers can get discouraged when an author is disengaged or the publisher cares more about your success than you do. Publishers appreciate authors who are proactive about their self-marketing and are active on social media.


Submit Your Work

Are all your manuscript ducks in a row? If yes, it’s time to submit your manuscript to a publishing house. Each publishing house has a different turn-around for submission inquires, some take a week to respond or it could be months. When you do hear back from a publishing house, keep in mind that there are many factors involved in choosing to publish a book, so if your work is rejected don’t take it personally and keep submitting to other publishers. If you do get accepted, do a happy dance, and then congratulate yourself for you are on your way to becoming a published author.

How To Get Your Book Published: Advice From A Publishing House