Gifts for Writers

By Tanner Chau and Evangeline Murphy


Christmas is right around the corner – literally. If you are anything like me, you find yourself scrambling almost last minute in order to find the perfect gifts for the ones around you. But, I’m here to help you find the perfect gifts for the bookworms in your life. So, here is what’s on my Christmas list!

1. Notebooks.


This one is probably obvious and the bookworm/writer in your life probably has a ton of notebooks they haven’t touched yet, but don’t get dissuaded. We have a love for collecting notebooks and journals so getting more is exciting! One of the great things about notebooks is they can come personalized to our tastes. So when you’re browsing the notebooks section there are a few questions to ask yourself: Does this person like college ruled or wide ruled? Do they need lined paper or a sketch book so they can jot down stuff wherever and whenever? Or a small notebook to fit in their bag without taking up too much space. There are plenty of options and, yes, we want more!

2. Some nice pens.


We need something that is the same in value for our new notebooks. Why use a barely functioning pen in a brand new notebook we don’t want ruined with scribbles and indents? A nice, smooth pen gliding across fresh paper is so satisfying! Plus, our ideas will look as pretty as we think they are.

3. Literary candles.


Of course we want candles that smell like books! Have you smelled books before? We want to wrap ourselves up in that smell and live in it forever. Also, there aren’t just book scented candles. There are ones that smell like the fictional libraries we read about or the food the characters eat. Sometimes gardens. There are a ton of varieties out there to choose from and many examples of these candles across the web. Find your writer’s favorite book and explore the possibilities.

4. Comfy pants and fluffy blankets.


Sweat pants, yoga pants, baggy pants – it doesn’t matter. All that matters is we have some comfy pants to wear so we can lounge around all day. Or invest in a nice fluffy blanket. Not only will it keep us warm and snuggly, but it helps if we stay up late writing and then pass out on our couch. It also helps catch all our tears when we reach that point in our writing process. Or both. Both are good ideas.

5. A nice pair of headphones or earbuds.


Sometimes we want music. Sometimes we want silence. Some noise cancelling headphones are perfect for this. We can effectively ignore the noise around us so we can enter into our own little world of creative bliss.

6. Books.


This should really be a no-brainer. We want to own all the books around. We want to own our own libraries that are just for us and filled with what makes us the happiest. Why not give us more for our collection?

7. Caffeine… or Christmas Spirits.


This really depends on where we are on the writing process. Ernest Hemmingway says it best: Write drunk, edit sober. Choose wisely.*
*Even if you don’t choose wisely, neither option will go to waste.

Gifts for Writers