Entrepreneurship For Leaders: 10 Success Keys To Elevate You To The Next Level


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About The Book

What does it actually take to become an entrepreneur? In this first book of the For Leaders Series from Indigo River Publishing, ten successful serial entrepreneurs share their perspectives of risk-taking and business building. From crushing fear to creating global impact, this book will give you insights and tools for your journey.

Entrepreneurship For Leaders features a dynamic range of contributors: Joel Clelland, Bobby Dunaway, Jason Duncan, Mark Hayes, Matthew Holland, Michael Markiewicz, Ellen Moran, Daniel Vega, Jayshree Vakil and Dan Young. With more than several dozen start-ups between them, they address common experiences and essential skills:

  • Learn when and how to delegate.
  • Discover the right kind of passion to drive success.
  • Understand the factors that distinguish entrepreneurs from employees.
  • Capitalize on the leadership styles of your team members.
  • Position your business for the best tax advantage.
  • Nurture the right kind of energy within yourself and your organization.
  • Create and maintain healthy relationships for a stronger, more impactful presence.

An engaging read, Entrepreneurship is sure to spark new perspectives and ideas for expanding your entrepreneurial experience.

Product Details

Publisher: Indigo River Publishing (September 26, 2023)

Length: 150 pages, Hardcover

ISBN13: 9781954676473