How to Work Through Writer’s Block

The dreaded writer’s block. The bane of every writer’s existence. Once it hits, it seems like an inescapable mind prison, void of any creative genius…blank.


Don’t panic! I know right now it may feel like you will never have another great idea, or that you’ll never be able to write again, but that is far from true. There are many ways to push through writer’s block, and as this can be a difficult situation to navigate on your own, I thought I would share some of my favorite tips with you.

Read a book you love.

Remember that one book that fostered your love for the written word? The one that offers a continuous source of inspiration? Go back and read it! When in the midst of a creative slump, it can be easy to forget your why. Why you love to write. Why a good story is so important. Reading your favorite book, or even a chapter from it might give you that little spark you need to push through.


Let your mind go crazy! Well…not too crazy. This is your chance to get out any and all thoughts that may be stifling your creativity. Writing through the block is sometimes where the most original stories come from. It’s okay if this feels unfamiliar, because not every great tale comes from a comfortable place. Don’t think too hard, just write.

Take a brain break.

Clear your mind, go for a walk, listen to music, play video games, chat with friends. Whatever brings you joy, and allows your mind to take some time off. Sometimes, the best tactic is just to take a step back from the material, and allow your mind to wander a bit.

Change your setting.

It is not always productive to write where you are comfortable. While some of your best stories may have been written at your favorite desk or on your living room couch (where I frequently doze off while attempting to get work done), that may not be where genius hits you next. Try hitting up that cute coffee shop on the corner that you’ve always wanted to visit, or a local library. A change of scenery might just be the inspiration that you need.
In a twisted sense of irony, I was struggling with writer’s block while attempting to write a blog on how to work through writer’s block. But I persevered! That is what matters in the end. Don’t let your writer’s block get the best of you. Sometimes the best stories come from the most difficult places. Just remember to always keep writing.
Do you have any tried and true methods for beating writer’s block?
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How to Work Through Writer’s Block