Stumbling Upon Greatness…

Occasionally, in our lives, we are fortunate enough to stumble upon greatness. The problem is, I don’t think we always recognize greatness during our initial encounter.

Maybe we get too wrapped up in our own problems, our own visions or our own lives.

Maybe we’d rather not acknowledge that greatness is sitting right in front of us – especially when we want to be the ones who are great.

Or maybe we are not even sure what greatness truly looks like.

I’m not even sure I knew until I met a man named Jim Ebert. It wasn’t Jim’s Paul Bunyan-sized body that made him great. It was something else that has affected me deeply, to the core. It has opened my eyes and my heart and I believe I will be ready the next time I stumble upon greatness again.

And you too can find “it” here, in a tribute I wrote to my friend for Rock and Ice’s online magazine this past summer.

I’ve been thinking of you, Jim. I miss you.

Stumbling Upon Greatness…