What I Have Learned from Reading 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

By: Editorial Intern, Anjali Ajmani

Having battled depression and anxiety throughout high school and college, I can wholeheartedly say that M.A. Nicole McCance’s 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally is a godsend.

Nicole guides the reader through several tips including but not limited to: training the mind to focus on the positive rather than the negative, eating and sleeping better, allowing oneself to fully feel one’s feelings, trying new techniques like acupuncture or aromatherapy, and allowing oneself to reflect on one’s day through writing or meditation. Aside from maybe incorporating vitamins or supplements where a person needs them, Nicole leaves out drugs altogether.

Reading 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally has inspired me to pursue a more natural avenue to treating my own depression in the future. I want to share a few tips that I find particularly helpful.

  • My favorite tip from 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally is the rubber band tip. Nicole says that those battling negative thoughts should wear a rubber band on their wrists and that whenever a negative thought arises, the rubber band should be snapped in order to dissuade the individual from suffering any further. Anyone at anytime can get depressed or anxious and become blocked in by doubt or negativity, so all can benefit from this tip.
  • A similar tip that Nicole mentions is the ‘thought stopping’ tip in which the individual imagines seeing a stop sign in front of his or her negative thoughts. The stop sign, as you’ve most likely guessed, is designed to stop negative thinking in its toxic tracks.
  • Because I’m the sort of person that believes that food solves everything, I always recommend food to friends or family members in turmoil. As it turns out, there is some truth to my obsession with food after all. Reading 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally has taught me about the importance of tryptophan, a chemical that when consumed helps the body make serotonin, the hormone associated with being happy. Foods like fish and other seafood have good sources of tryptophan, as do veggies like mushrooms, squash, carrots, and turnips. Foods like beef, chicken, turkey, cheese, and eggs have tryptophan as well. I like to think that happiness is only a plateful of shrimp cocktail away.

Anyone who has suffered from depression and/or anxiety knows that it can be numbing and debilitating, but Nicole’s book gives me lots of hope for myself and others struggling with depression. Don’t let your depression dominate your life. Grab 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally today and stay in control of your thoughts. What works for you in treating your depression or anxiety? I’d love to hear back from you.

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What I Have Learned from Reading 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally