Navigating Dyslexia and Fear – Ambitious I & II by Likewise

By Likewise, author of Ambitious I & Ambitious II

If you are someone who struggles with dyslexia and fear, finding help feels too niche. Reaching out for help can give way to fear of judgment or ridicule for something out of your control. Fear of failure feels top of mind all the time – from elementary school all the way up to your adult life.

Author of Ambitious I and II, Likewise, highlights the struggles of someone with dyslexia with this first book. As an autobiographical take on living with dyslexia, we learn of a remarkable man who overcame his learning disability to become a successful and highly respected adult. This gives hope to all those out there who fear the stigma of limited potential that is often placed on people living with dyslexia. There is often a fear that it will limit their future opportunities – education, career, or personal achievements.

What is to be learned in Ambitious I? A recounted life story of how Likewise faced his fears head on and found creative solutions to his problems. How he learned how to grow and succeed despite a fear of being seen as less intelligent or incapable, a negative label that usually gets internalized and stunts personal growth amongst those living with dyslexia.

His desire to share these life experiences with others, putting his story out there in the world, was in hope that he could help those like him realize that they do have potential despite their past negative experiences. Hope does exist, and it’s within these pages we learn the discovery of this hope.

In Ambitious II, we learn of the fear that can occur while living life, and are taught ‘fear no doubt, rewire, fly higher’. A motivating and eye-opening venture that explores the inhibiting areas of fear, anxiety and doubt. Much like Ambitious I, there is fear of how one is perceived in any situation in life.

How can a man overcome not only dyslexia, but the limiting effects that fear and doubt have on a person? Each page is filled to the brim with relatable examples that are broken down into easy to understand and apply in any situation we might find ourselves in. Within heavily relatable chapters written from our beloved author’s viewpoint and experiences, we are immersed in years of knowledge with an eagerness to help readers shine in their own lives.

Those who struggle with self doubt, anxiety, or fear that often translate into fearfulness of the unknown, conflicts with others, speaking up, or feeling inadequate. It impacts so many aspects of one’s life without even realizing it. In this second timely book, we are opened up to original concepts and tips to overcome these fears. Taking your “negative noggin” to a “positive processor” will take some work, but Likewise takes us through multitudes of examples and helps you identify your personality types to learn how to successfully rewire and fly higher!

Learning to overcome these challenges in his own life has been a journey for him. Being one of 16 children, having dyslexia and other learning disabilities, Likewise has pushed forward. It’s not what he has accomplished in life, but who he has become that is the true triumph. And that’s what he puts forward in these two works Ambitious I and II that he hopes will reach those struggling like he did to overcome and achieve.

Navigating Dyslexia and Fear – Ambitious I & II by Likewise